Sunday, 29 November 2015

#BookReview: Child/God by Ketan Bhagat

Child/God is a cheerful tale and special in itself! 

To put it straight: Child/God is sweet, refreshing, and heartwarming. It's about an arrival straight from God's home that puts a dispirited soul back on track. 

Raghav, the protagonist, is on the verge of giving up. While his rocky professional life is showing no signs of improvement, his marriage is beginning to derail. However, he trusts his ambitions and attempts to thrive on them. And, in the midst of this, he desperately awaits some respite, more than anything else. Just when darkness appears to intensify, someone shows him the light at the end of the tunnel! Someone magically drives in happiness and gives him an opportunity to turn over a new leaf!

Who is this? What is it that puts things back in place? And, what turn does Raghav’s life take thereafter? Well, you’ll have to read the book to put your curiosity to rest!

Child/God is a riveting story about an innocent arrival that strengthens the fading bonds and shows a direction to the directionless.

Honestly, it is neither as jovial as romantic stories, nor as chilly and fierce as thrillers. It is a rather cheerful tale, and special in itself. The cover of the book is appealing and attempts to reflect on the story. Both, the narration and narrative, are captivating. The story begins to get dull towards the end, but pulls the interest back on its own!

From me, Child/God gets 4.5/5! Happy reading folks! 

NOTE: A review copy of the book was sent by the author.

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