Monday, 3 November 2014

Fraudster by R V Raman.

  • Book: Fraudster. 
  • Author: R V Raman.
  • Publication House: Hachette India.
  • Category: Fiction/Crime.
  • Rating: 4.5/5


There are those who will do anything to silence the ones who come in their way, those who will stop at nothing, including murder. A young banker is found dead a day after she deposes before a commission investigating large-scale financial fraud...A doyen of corporate India falls to his death from his South Bombay flat...A high-security server room of a multinational accounting firm is hacked, and the hackers aren't looking for just company secrets...Illicit finance, high-stakes crime and vicious manipulation come together in this story of corruption, greed and treachery among corporate India's black sheep. Arresting, fast-paced and written by an insider from the corporate world, Fraudster will keep you on your toes till the very end.

In my view:

Frankly, I am running short of words to appreciate this wonderful novel. I am speechless after having read this amazing thriller. So without wasting a single more minute, I am getting to my review on Fraudster by R V Raman.

A committee is set up to investigate into a possible fraud and a female banker who deposes before the commission is found dead. The police aren’t able to ascertain whether it is a murder or suicide. Subsequently, two corporates are found murdered under mysterious circumstances, and the investigating officer is startled by these incidents happening one after the other. Detective Inspector Ranada tries to reach the assassin to nail him. 

CBS firms’ employee Varsha plays a major role in this story and so does detective inspector Ranade, who tries his best to enter deeper into the mystery to dig out the culprit. Meanwhile, it is found that someone tries to hack into CBS’ accounts, and all these parts completely engross readers into it. But will the investigators be able to nail the culprit or, culprits? And how will they do this? This is what you’ve got to find out from the book! 

It is an exciting thriller in which things unfold step by step, pulling and deepening one’s attention. The story is a blend of illicit finance, high-stakes crime and vivacious manipulation. It brings into picture scams, voracity, disloyalty and betrayal. 

The cover is amazingly and perfectly designed, and the title completely suits the story. Both the aspects which have first impression on readers are up to the mark! The narration of the story is simple and sharp. The narrative is totally absorbing, alluring and enchanting. Howbeit it proceeds at a quick pace, it fully engrosses a reader. The story is so riveting that a reader desires to explore it in depth. 

But towards the end of the initial part, the story becomes slightly delicate for some time and attention begins to dodge. At this time, the faith that the story ripens works out and the second part waits with more thrilling portion that further hooks up a reader!

For sure, I am recommending it to all my readers because this is a book that they cannot afford to miss! It’s truly, truly amazing! 

Considering everything, I would rate the book with 4.5/5.

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